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From the 28 th of June to the 6 th of July

Activities :

  • Free beauty consultation
  • On the spot make over
  • Hairstyling demo
  • Summer beauty tips demonstration for skin and hair
  • Summer fashion tips
  • On the spot beauty contest
  • Free health screenings

 10 Beauty Tips

As we move into another swelteringly hot, long summer, the key to beauty can be addressed from the inside and out. Follow our tips below to find out how you can retain that healthy glow even when the mercury hits the high spot.

1 . When planning what to eat, trade heavy stews and soups for lighter fare; including grilled fish and fruit salads. Retire the hot chocolate in favour of iced green tea, which contains healthy antioxidants.

2 . Make sure that you have a bottle of water with you everywhere you go to ensure that you stay hydrated.

3. Chlorine in swimming pools can play havoc with your skin, hair and nails, leaving them dry, brittle and flakey. Rinse yourself under a shower as soon as you step out of the pool or hot tub to wash off the chemical.

4. Apply creams and lotions with a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) to guard against sunburn.

5 .  Give your hair a rest during the hot weather by backing off on heated styling tools, such as blow dryers, irons and rollers.

6.  When you are under the sun at the beach or pool, make sure you have a hat with you to protect those delicate strands.

7. Clogged skin pores can be a problem during the summer. Lighten up on your facial moisturising routine and make sure you cleanse your skin meticulously, several times a day if necessary.

8. Hands and feet require special care in the summer. Keep your nails short to make the most of summer sports activities.

10. If your winter lip balm didn't contain sun protection, make sure that your summer lip balm does.