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Healthy Eating :

From the 17 th to the 26 th of June / Dubai Marina Mall.

 Activities :  

  • Healthy Food bazaar
  • Cooking competitions
  • Cooking demo’s
  • Parents and children to participate with their own on-spot creations
  • Eating habits related quizzes
  • Nutritionists and dietitians offering free consultations and diets .
  • Food preservation

 Summer Nutrition Tips

Good nutrition is a year ‘round endeavour, but summer weather presents

some special considerations.  

10 smart nutrition tips to remember this summer:  

1.    Drink water for wellness... Water will keep you hydrated, particularly at this time of year when you are more likely to lose fluid through perspiration. Water helps your bodily functions work properly and aids digestion of other foods.

2.    Careful with the caffeine... Caffeine can dehydrate the body, so which will negate the positive effects of all of that water that you’re drinking. Go easy on the coffee when you’re feeling hot and sweaty.

3.    Bundle in the berries... Berries are little parcels of goodness bursting with healthy antioxidants and vitamins.

4.    Be smart with salads... Salads are easy to prepare and don’t require cooking in a hot, stuffy kitchen. They are fantastically healthy for you, as well. Try different combinations of fruit, leaves and pulses to add variety.

5.    Pack in the protein... Not only is it an important part of your diet, it will also help your hair stay healthy; something to consider with warm weather and chlorinated swimming!

6.    Give your vegetables a grilling... Vegetables prepared this way won’t be drenched in oil and will add colour and zest to your plate.

7.    Keep your potassium at its peak... Sweating during the summer months can cause muscle problems by throwing your electrolytes out of balance. Avoid this by ensuring you have enough potassium into your diet. Bananas oranges, apricots, avocados and strawberries are great sources.

8.    Get to know your seasonal greens... Shopping at your local farmer’s market is a terrific way to find out which foods are in season in your area.

9.    Smother your tongue with a smoothie... Smoothies taste just as good as ice cream but are a lot healthier for you, being made from milk, yogurt and fresh fruit as opposed to fatty cream.

10. Forage for freshness in the food hall. Paying extra attention to sell by dates and the colour and texture of vegetable and fruit skins will mean that you will select the food with the highest levels of nutrients.

 Food preservation:

  • Pack food in coolers with freezer packs when eating out
  • If food is likely to be sitting out during a buffet or picnic, serve it in dishes sitting on a bed of ice
  • Take groceries straight home from the market - this is not the time to stop at the hardware store on the way home!
  • Place perishables into the refrigerator or freezer before unpacking shelf stable foods.
  • Resist the urge to thaw frozen meats on the counter while you are away, as this can attract bugs and bacteria. Thaw them instead in the refrigerator and factor the longer time into your cooking plans. You can always finish the process using the ‘defrost’ setting on your microwave
  • Use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of meat or poultry on the grill as you would in the oven.