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From the 8 th to the 17 th of July / Dubai Festival City

Activities :

  • Demonstration of physical exercises
  • Aerobics
  • Dancercise
  • Stress relief management
  • Drop a size challenge

 Five Fitness Favourites

  1. Follow a training program… Devise a training program with realistic goals for each week. Don’t try too much too soon, as this will demotivate you if you aren’t able to reach your objectives immediately.
  2. Establish a support network... When trying to get into shape, it is important to have family and friends who can actively support you. Try and find a friend or relative who wants to get fit as well, so that you can encourage each other and exercise together.
  3. Eat small meals frequently… Try to eat smaller portions of food on a regular basis, rather than large meals infrequently. This will help your energy levels stay at a constant level – something that is advisable during an exercise regime.
  4. Be creative… There are many ways to exercise, not just in the gym or using specialist sports equipment. Try taking the stairs at the mall instead of using the lift as a regular way of working out. Learning how to fly a kite may not seem like exercise, but is an activity that can tone muscles and help with hand/eye coordination, posture and balance, not to mention giving you a new skill to impress your friends.
  5. Be patient and have fun… Results won’t come overnight, so don’t let frustration put you off. Making sure that you are having fun when you exercise is a sure way to help you reach your goal. Staying fit should be an enjoyable pastime, so pick activities you know you will look forward to.